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Students in the Master of Public Health (MPH) program will choose one of two concentrations:

Community Health Practice

The community health practice concentration prepares students to be leaders, innovators, and advocates in addressing community health​ problems and reducing health disparities. The concentration applies an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving and focuses on skill development around community health assessment, program design, and program evaluation. Students learn to appraise community health needs and design, implement, and evaluate interventions to address those needs. The objective is to provide students with the professional knowledge and practical skills to become effective public health leaders.

Social Epidemiology

The social epidemiology concentration prepares students to be public health leaders that use the methodological approaches of biostatistics and epidemiology to investigate and reduce health inequalities. This concentration focuses on social determinants of health as causes of health disparities and examines the role of concepts such power and social context. Students learn to use data to inform research, policy, and intervention efforts that lead to effective action aimed at eliminating health inequalities.