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Degree Requirements

​Course Requirements

Core Courses

Concentration Electives

Students must choose four elective courses in an area of concentration. Electives are defined as either 400 level courses or up to two 300 level courses in departments including but not limited to International Studies, Sociology, Latin American and Latino/a Studies, Islamic World Studies, African and Black Diaspora Studies, Women’s Studies, English, History, and in the College of Communication. These courses should be chosen in consultation with the student's advisory committee.

Final Project Requirements

Students are asked to complete a final project, one that will represent a culmination of the student’s work in the program. All projects will consist of a rigorous piece of writing, either reflective, analytical or expository. This piece of writing will draw upon the writing intensive skills they get in all their coursework. Final project options include but are not limited to:

  1. An original research thesis of up to 60 pages on a topic agreed upon by the student's committee.
  2. A portfolio of 3 publishable quality essays completed during the program which are linked together by a 20 page narrative setting out the intellectual rationale for their compilation.
  3. A completed internship with a community organization in order to gain practical experience and a 20 page essay reflecting on the links between the student's intellectual work and practical work experience.

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