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Latin American and Latino Studies

Co-editor ​Letitia Gomez reading from Queer Brown Voices on January 21, 2016
Co-editor Dr. Salvador Vidal-Ortiz reading from Queer Brown Voices on January 21, 2016
​Contributor Mona Noriega reading from Queer Brown Voices on January 21, 2016
​Event on Solidarity and Alliance with guest speaker Wilhelmina Perry​
"America by the Numbers" event with Maria Hinojosa, Lizette Williams, and Sergio Alcocer​
​Professor Maria Hinojosa's class on Latinos in the Media​
LST Alumni Event 2015
Adan Figueroa, Jaime Ochoa, Mariana Calderon, and ​Rosa Yadira Ortiz
​2015 Senior Capstone Presentations with LST Seniors​
​Senior Paulina Nava presenting research on "Chicagoacán"​

Dr. Jerome Branche from the University of Pittsburgh​

Jose Antonio Vargas from Define American and "Documented"

Actress Judy Reyes's talk ​on Latina leadership in Hollywood

Located in the Lincoln Park Campus​

Welcome to the department of Latin American and Latino Studies! This program explores the broad dynamics shaping Latin American and Latino experiences and explores the cultural contributions of Latin America to the global community.

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