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Theta Alpha Kappa

Theta Alpha Kappa was founded in 1976 to honor outstanding undergraduate students in the fields of religious studies and/or theology. The Society, which has over 120 active chapters, sponsors the scholarly Journal of Theta Alpha Kappa. This journal is published regularly and is disseminated to active members. It features work of qualified students as well as professional academics.

The Department of Religious Studies houses the DePaul University Rho Chapter of Theta Alpha Kappa. Each year students from Religious Studies, Islamic World Studies and Catholic Studies are inducted as new members to this national honors society.

For more information on Theta Alpha Kappa, visit their website:

Recent Inductees

Benjamin Claus
Lindsey Derrig
Roy Harris
Saifa Hussain
George Schneider
Noor Shublaq
Jared Teschner

Nabeela Ahmed
Hanna Alshaikh
Evelyn Banos
Taylor Bourne
Jessica Guitierrez
Marjorie Hanger
Patrick Humpal
Elam Jones
Kayla Martin
Roya Naderi
Michael Ortolano
Richard Reinheardt
Sarah Rourke
Faraaz Saiduzzaman
Chelsey Sanford
Michael Turner

Benjamin Brooks
Sullivan Curtin
Emma Cushmanwood
Azucena De La Torre
Leah Karchmer
Lori Cano
Marcos Gomez

Margaret Albright
Peter Dziedzic
Daniel Gaitan
Josh Graber
Cameron Meyer
Elizabeth Scrafford
Charlotte Waldmeir

Benjamin Panther
Alisha Jones
Elizabeth Collins
Jessie Breeden
Rebecca Pasternak
Abir Usman
Jamie Sloan