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SPS in the Community

​​​​​The School of Public Service is proud to be related to and help support two different projects that perform very different missions.

Established in spring of 2002 by William and Mary Pat Gannon Hay, Vincent on Leadership: The Hay Project carries out the vision of its founders to develop an awareness of Vincent-inspired leadership concepts and practices within the University community and Vincentian communities worldwide. The Hay Project draws its leadership model from the leadership, organizational, and managerial characteristics of St. Vincent de Paul. Vincentian leadership tools, training, and resources provide individuals and organizations an opportunity to evaluate and grow in their personal, collective and organizational leadership competencies relating to mission, task, people, and service.

Providing research and leadership development in the manner of St. Vincent de Paul, the Hay Project ensures the continuance of the legacy of de Paul’s organizational genius and leadership skills in the service of others. Vincent on Leadership: The Hay Project awakens and advances the vision, values, and leadership practices of St. Vincent de Paul. It is a reflection of DePaul University’s mission to contribute to the societal, economic, cultural, and ethical quality of life and to the mission of the School of Public Service in developing public service leaders within the global community.

Led by Professor Patricia Bombard.


The Chaddick Institute's mission is to advance the principles of effective infrastructure, land use, zoning, and transportation. It seeks to engage professionals, concerned citizens, and students in an educational debate that enhances awareness of development-related issues in our region. The Chaddick Institute, created in 1993, was made possible by a gift from the Harry F. and Elaine M. Chaddick Foundation. Mr. Chaddick was a prominent civil servant and real estate developer in Chicago. He also served as the zoning administrator for the city of Chicago.​

Directed by Professor Joseph Schwieterman.