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International Public Service (MS)

The Master of Science in International Public Service (IPS)​ educates ethical leaders to work in international organizations in the US and abroad and emphasizes understanding cross-sector relations.

The curriculum offers a balanced education in:
  • International leadership (ethical, theoretical and practical)
  • Project management (for organizations, sectors and institutions)
  • Evaluation (assessment, monitoring and impact analysis)

Real-World Experience

At DePaul, we believe that leaders need practical skills and first-hand experiences in solving global problems. The IPS program requires students to gain experiential and professional experiences through:
  • An international or intercultural internship
  • Participation in a study abroad program.

Program Highlights

At the core of the IPS program is our commitment to strengthening local communities and reducing disparities throughout the world by building capacity through sustainable development. We promote compassion for marginalized communities and service to all people with sensitivity, professionalism, accountability, transparency and justice.

Program Structure

The IPS degree integrates management science courses in the School of Public Service with international courses in the areas of:
  • Sustainable development
  • NGO management
  • Conflict management

Program Length

To graduate, you must successfully complete a minimum of 52 credit hours. Some students pursuing the IPS degree full-time (2 courses per quarter) finish in two years. Others take one course a quarter and complete the program requirements in three to four years. Students often switch between full and part-time status depending on their personal and professional constraints.

Program Participants

The program is designed for:
  • Entry- or mid-level career professionals
  • Students with a background in development studies, international studies, foreign languages, sociology, anthropology, political science and/or public policy pursuing a career in international development or global policy analysis