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Dialogo is an interdisciplinary, blind refereed journal published since 1996 by the Center for Latino Research at DePaul University in Chicago. Dialogo seeks research articles of regional and national contexts with focus on diverse Latin American and U.S. Latino experiences, recent Latino immigration and places of origin, including indigenous experience.

Each issue of Dialogo includes several research studies, shorter articles of scholarly reflection, interviews with key figures, a short section of creative work, and sections for book and film reviews. Articles are now indexed in the MLA Bibliography, Ulrich and other academic databases, and new venues are being sought.

Submissions that help bridge barriers between academic and local communities are welcome throughout the year. Published in Spring and Fall, often calls are issued for special themes. Dialogo themes have ranged from "Latina/o Catholicism Today" to "Teaching the Works of Elena Poniatowska" to "Latina/o and Latin American Poetry in the 21st Century." Themes for upcoming issues include:

  • The Mestizaje of Food: What Latinos Eat
  • Reframing Immigration in the Americas
  • The Five Cardinal Points of Contemporary Indigenous Literature
  • Opening the Archives: Documenting the Bracero Program
  • Latino Health and Harmony
  • Latina/o Art