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Larry Mayo

  • Associate Professor
  • ​PhD
  • Anthropology
  • Faculty
  • 773/325-4795
  • 2343 N. Racine, Room 203

Professor Mayo has a doctorate in cultural anthropology from the University of California , Berkeley (although he refers to himself as a social anthropologist) and has taught at DePaul since 1988. He conducted research in Guam , focusing on the process of urbanization, the politics of ethnicity and sociocultural change. His teaching interests are mainly toward unde​rgraduate courses that introduce students to fundamental concepts in anthropology, such as processes of social and cultural change, the process of ethnicity, the concept of “race,” social inequality, the concept of culture, and contemporary cultures in the Pacific Islands. He teaches courses that introduce the concept of culture to students through multiple idioms, such as cultural anthropology, food and culture, and cultures of the Pacific; and specific topical courses such as anthropological theory, and urban ethnicity. His non-academic interests are jazz and classical music, sci-fi (movies and books) and monster movies (especially Godzilla).