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Morag Kersel

  • Associate Professor and Director of the Museum Studies Minor Program
  • PhD​
  • Anthropology
  • Faculty
  • 773/325-4434
  • 2347 N. Racine, Room B-03

Professor Kersel is an archaeologist with a doctorate from the Department of Archaeology at the University of Cambridge and a master of Historic Preservation from the University of Georgia. Her research interests include the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age of the eastern Mediterranean and Levant, cultural heritage protection, the built environment, object biographies, museums, and archaeological tourism. Her work combines archaeological, archival and oral history research in order to understand the efficacy of cultural heritage law in protecting archaeological landscapes from looting. 

Currently she is co-director of the Galilee Prehistory Project and the Follow the Pots Project - tracing the movement of Early Bronze Age pots from the Dead Sea Plain in Jordan.

Professor Kersel is the director of the Museum Studies Minor and teaches many of the courses in that program.