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Energy Policy and Management Certificate

DePaul's School of Public Service faculty teaching class.

Offered by DePaul’s School of Public Service (SPS), this certificate program gives you foundational knowledge about the energy sector – one of the fastest growing global industries. You'll explore its management worldwide as you gain insight into energy policy, regulation, innovation and sustainability.

The certificate in Energy Policy and Management program is open to students with a bachelor’s degree or can be an added credential for students currently enrolled in SPS or a related graduate program.

Required Courses

Students must successfully complete 12-quarter hours of graduate credit. Each of these three required courses carries four-quarter hours:

MPS 570 Energy Sector and Management

This initial course in the sequence will explore the energy sector and its management both in the US and on other continents. Issues of energy justice and the global South plus tribal nations are included, as are explorations of renewable energy sources such as wind farms.

MPS 574 Renewable and Sustainable Energy Policy

This course takes a case study approach to look at policy innovation that supports efforts to decrease the carbon intensity in the energy sector, focusing primarily on local, state, and subnational government actions. Topics include renewable portfolio standards, community choice aggregation, property assessed clean energy, distributed energy generation and transportation de-carbonization efforts.

MPS 576 Energy Policy and the Environment

This course provides a market approach with both historical and broad perspectives on energy policy, energy resources and use, environmental protection, energy regulation, 70 renewable resource economics, CO2 emission reduction strategies and other issues.

Non-degree seeking students

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Complete a DePaul University School of Public Service graduate admission online application; submit undergraduate and (if applicable) graduate transcripts (a GPA of 3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale is recommended but not required for admission); and a résumé.

Students enrolled in other DePaul graduate degree programs

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Students who are currently enrolled in graduate programs at DePaul should consult with their graduate program director and contact

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