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Sustainable Urban Food Systems Graduate Certificate


The graduate certificate introduces students to policies, theories, and practices that contribute to current developments in sustainable urban food systems around the world. The courses provide a focus on (1) how and why urban food systems have become magnets for capital investment in (re)localization and regionalization of food production and distribution and (2) broader questions of economic, racial and gender equity that emerge in relation to food access and nutrition, environmental restoration and justice, economic development in distressed urban neighborhoods, the relationship between rural and urban food systems, and the social and power relations in rural and urban agrarian formations.

The certificate exposes students to a wide variety of issues related to food systems including food entrepreneurship, community gardening and urban farming, and the relationship between food and climate change, gentrification, racial segregation, and labor. The courses in the certificate pay particular attention to preparing students for occupations in emerging local and regional urban food systems, but with a distinctly DePaul focus on how historically marginalized groups (re)gain control over food as a means to assert self-determination in urban and peri-urban communities. The centerpiece of the certificate is engagement in a 100-hour practicum within Chicago's local and regional food system.

The Sustainable Urban Food Systems Certificate requires 12 credit hours and is available to students in the Sustainable Urban Development Graduate Program, non-degree seeking students, and students in other DePaul graduate degree programs.


Three courses from the following:

  • SUD 420 Sustainable Urban Food Systems
  • SUD 451 Sustainable Cities and Food Justice
  • SUD 501 Professional Seminar in Sustainable Urban Development (available only to enrolled SUD graduate students)
  • SUD 592 Independent Study in Sustainable Urban Food Systems 


The admission requirements for the certificate program include a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution and/or a student currently pursuing graduate study at DePaul. Students enrolled in a graduate program at DePaul University apply directly to the Sustainable Urban Development program by submitting all application materials to the program director. Applicants from outside DePaul apply to the certificate program through the online graduate admissions application process. Interested applicants from outside DePaul should submit a 300-word statement of interest to Drs. Hugh Bartling ( and Howard Rosing ( Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. 

For more information please contact the Director, Dr. Hugh Bartling, via the Sustainable Urban Development Graduate Program website.

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