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Teaching English in Two-Year Colleges Graduate Certificate

The Certificate Program in Teaching English in Two-Year Colleges is an interdisciplinary program housed in the Department of English and taught by faculty in both English and the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, & Discourse. The program is designed to prepare prospective teachers of introductory classes in English, Writing, and the Humanities in city and community college settings. Participants in the Certificate Program will learn to teach critical and analytical reading, the processes and disciplines of writing, and other aspects of the arts, humanities, or communication curriculum in two-year colleges.

The Certificate is comprised of 16 hours of credit: three classroom-based courses and a teaching internship, enrolled as an Independent Study. 


To be admitted to the Certificate Program, students must have completed or be currently pursuing a master's degree in English; Writing and Publishing; Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse; or a related field.

Applications are accepted at any time. Prospective applicants should contact the program director, Dr. Carolyn Goffman, before applying (; 773-325-8688). Please email all application materials directly to Dr. Goffman (not to Graduate Admissions).

Application materials:

  • Cover letter describing interest in teaching in a two-year college
  • Current CV (résumé)
  • Undergraduate and graduate academic transcripts
  • Sample of recent academic or professional writing
  • Names of two faculty references

Certificate Requirements:

Two-Year College Teaching Internship

Graduate students in English or a related field are eligible to apply for the internship even if they are not enrolled in the Certificate Program. Please contact Dr. Goffman about applying for an internship.

Also, please note: Chicago-area two-year colleges operate on the semester system; therefore, the internship's duration does not correspond to DePaul's academic calendar. The intern should expect to complete the work for ENG 509 some time after the end of the quarter in which registered. A grade of "R" (indicating work in progress) will be assigned temporarily, to be changed to a letter grade when work is completed.

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