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Pascale-Anne Brault

Pascale-Anne Brault

Pascale-Anne Brault is the French translator of Barbara Cassin’s Nostalgia: When Are We Ever Home? (Fordham University Press), for which she received the Grand Prize French Voices Award from the Pen American Center. She is also the co-translator with Michael Naas of twelve books by philosophers Jacques Derrida, Jean-Luc Nancy and Jean-François Lyotard, which have appeared with Indiana UP, University of Chicago Press, Fordham University Press and Stanford University Press. She is the co-editor of three volumes of translations: Jacques Derrida’s The Work of Mourning (UCP); Chaque fois unique, la fin du monde (Galilée) and Jacques Derrida in Strasbourg (Fordham UP). Professor Brault is one of six members of the Derrida Seminars Translation Project (DSTP), a 20-year endeavor that will see the publication with the University of Chicago Press of twenty volumes of the Derrida seminars covering 1983-2003. For that project, she has just published the French edition of La vie la mort (Seuil). Her co-translation of that book is scheduled for Spring 2020 (UCP). She is currently editing a new Derrida seminar entitled Hostipitalité.

The Work of Mourning
Book cover
Book cover

More details about DSTP can be found at:

Professor Brault has been teaching translation courses for over 20 years. A strong proponent of experiential learning, she has involved her students in a variety of projects including translations of:

  • plays by Bernard-Marie Koltès (6 week run with the European Repertory Theater) and Jean Genêt;
  • French Revolutionary Pamphlets for online publication with the Newberry Library;
  • five volumes of Haitian curriculum for NGOs involved in education in Haiti;
  • WWI poetry for commemorative events;
  • exhibit visitors’ guide and panels for “Renefer: Letters and Works of Art from the War 1914-1918,” WWI Museum, Kansas City;
  • immigration documents for the Asylum & Immigration Law Clinic (AILC);
  • documents from the DePaul Napoleon Archives. Now available for an English readership.
  • interviews of French-speaking African immigrants living in Chicago for the Pan-African Association;
  • Writing the Mission: Selected Letters of Saint Vincent de Paul, a publication for the centennial of DePaul University

Professor Brault also works as a pro-bono translator and interpreter. She has been providing academic oversight for TIC since its inception in 2015.