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Yingcai Xu

Yingcai Xui

Yingcai Xu has diverse interests. He is a translator who translates from Chinese to English and English to Chinese, a professor who teaches language, translation, and Chinese studies courses, and a poet who writes both traditional and new poems. He is the President of the Chinese Poetry Association and the Editor-in-chief of Poetry Hall – A Chinese and English Bilingual Journal.

The translation books he has published in recent years:

  • In Other Words -- Poems by Wisconsin Poets in English and Chinese
  • Eight Prose Masters of the Tang and Song Dynasties
  • Selected Works of Classical Chinese Prose
  • Selected Works of Contemporary Chinese Prose
  • 100 Classic Chinese Poems
  • The Selected Poems of Bing Hua
  • Readings of Chinese Culture Series Essay III
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The courses he has taught in recent years:

  • Chinese Calligraphy — Practice and Theory
  • Modern ​Chinese Literature
  • Chinese Cinema
  • Journal to the West (a work of classical fiction)
  • Translation (undergraduate and graduate)