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BA/PJC & MA/Journalism

Program Details

During their senior year, PJC majors accepted into the combined bachelor’s + master’s degree programs will complete one course as an introduction to journalism (JOUR 518) and two courses from the required core for the master’s degree (JOUR 501, 502, or 503). Students might be allowed to take an alternative to one of these core courses, with permission.

The following courses, with strong curricular links to the Peace, Justice & Conflict Studies major, might be counted as a Peace, Justice & Conflict Studies approved program elective: 

JOUR 501 The Social Responsibility of Journalism
JOUR 509 Journalism Law and Ethics
JOUR 515 Special Topics: Journalism and the Just Society
JOUR 533 Journalism and Freedom of Information

The other core master’s courses in journalism taken in senior year (JOUR 502 and 503) would be listed as Open Electives for the BA in Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies as part of the credit hours for the bachelors degree, but all three JOUR courses will also count as fulfilling these requirements for the master’s in Journalism degree. 

In cases where a student is moving into a combined program in an area outside of his or her undergraduate major, the student begins the program with JOUR 518 The Writing and Reporting Practicum. That course gives the student a foundation in the mechanics and core values of newsgathering. The course is counted as one of 12 courses needed to complete the degree. 

Students are not permitted to take more than three graduate courses during their senior year. Students who drop out of the program will only have their courses counted as satisfying their undergraduate degree in Peace, Justice & Conflict Studies. 

The graduate degree in journalism is granted when the student completes nine additional courses in the program. Advising support for students is available through College of Communication advisors. 

The undergraduate degree in Peace, Justice & Conflict Studies is granted when the student completes the credits necessary for the undergraduate degree. 

Undergraduates who are enrolled in the combined degree program will have access to Staff Advisors in the graduate program in journalism.  

Senior Year: 

Fall quarter: Take one graduate course (JOUR 518) 

Winter quarter: Take one graduate course (JOUR 501) 

Spring quarter: Take one graduate course (JOUR 502 - student completes BA degree and matriculates as a graduate student in journalism for fall quarter)

5th/Graduate year:  

Fall quarter: Take three graduate courses 

Winter quarter: Take three graduate courses 

Spring quarter: Take three graduate courses (student completes MA degree requirements)

For PJC majors, a 3.25 GPA in Peace, Justice & Conflict Studies courses is required. Students who meet the GPA requirement should submit the following to the Office of Graduate Admission by April 1 (priority deadline):

  • BA/MA Combined Degree Program Application

  • Official undergraduate transcript

  • 750-word Statement of Purpose explaining why the student is seeking application to the program

  • Writing sample or project that demonstrates the applicant’s ability in journalism

  • Two letters of recommendation

Students admitted to the program must maintain a 3.0 GPA (B or better) in the three graduate courses taken as a senior. If a student fails to meet this academic requirement, the student will be placed on academic probation and will have one quarter to gain a GPA of 3.0 or better in the program or will not be allowed to continue as a graduate student in the program.

Students can defer their graduate admission for one year. If students do not matriculate after completing their BA degrees or within the deferral period, the graduate courses taken as undergraduate students will no longer count towards the graduate degree.