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Our Curriculum

faculty support

Support faculty teaching civics

The Civics Initiative will provide DePaul Civics Initiative Instructional Support awards for faculty interested in teaching civics across the curriculum. The awards will include training and assistance for instructors to develop individualized sections of LSP 275: Lived Civics, the Social Contract & Public Life, beginning with a two-day, paid Summer Institute and continuing with pedagogical support throughout the year. The Summer Institute will introduce instructors to the shared core components of the course to be taught across all sections, and offer focused support for faculty as they design their own, individualized, modules to be disciplinarily specific.

Faculty teaching LSP 275 will form a multi-disciplinary community of teacher-scholars engaged in addressing issues of justice and democracy. LSP 275 itself will become the foundation for a three-course civics education certificate for students interested in expanding their civics skills and knowledge beyond this course.

The Civics Initiative is generously funded by a three-year grant from the Teagle Foundation