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For Community Partners

Building research partnerships

DePaul University’s Student Urban Research Corps (SURC) is housed in The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and is made up of graduate and undergraduate student researchers. Corps members work on urban and community-based studies and projects as part of the multidisciplinary Urban Collaborative. SURC members participate in data collection, management, and analysis, including the creation of data visualizations.

SURC students can provide technical and analytical skills to support your community organization or municipality. For the student, collaboration on your project will provide real-world experience and professional development with the support and guidance of DePaul faculty and staff. In return, you will receive work that advances your organizational goals.

SURC members contribute to projects brought to the Urban Collaborative by community organizations and municipalities. Such projects might include demographic and neighborhood analyses, program evaluation, or mapping. As a member of the Corps, DePaul students will work on these requests, producing deliverables to share with and present to those making the request.

To make a request for work for your organization to be completed by DePaul’s SURC, please complete the Application Form​.

Recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations or nonprofits registered with DePaul University’s Steans Center for Community Based Service Learning.

No, internship credit is not offered for this opportunity.

No, the Corps’ work will be completed remotely from DePaul’s campus.

No, Corps members are paid by DePaul.

The timing of results will depend on the scope of the project. Generally speaking, Corps members aim to complete a project within our 10-week quarter system, but projects can be rolled over to subsequent quarters upon review by faculty and the community partner.

Any project that helps to advance the goals of our organization, including data collection and analysis, program evaluation, mapping, neighborhood profiles, and more. If your project doesn’t fit neatly with the above list, or if you have another idea for a SURC project, please contact us to discuss its feasibility at

Organizations interested in working with DePaul’s Student Urban Research Corps can submit their projects here.

Please email with your questions. Be sure to include full contact information for your organization so that we can follow up!