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Student Resources

It is most important that you declare Irish Studies as a Minor online by following the steps below. This will facilitate advising and allow you to track your progress.

Go to Campus Connect and select

  • “Self Service” (Located in the left hand column)
  • “Academic Planning”
  • “Change College Major, Minor”
  •  “Dropdown menu and select: Irish Studies”

 Once you have declared Irish Studies as your minor you will have access to your progress and can search for Irish Studies courses on Campus Connect through a “DPR” (Degree Progress Report) under “What If” for the Irish Studies Minor.

Topical Courses: Courses marked *** are topical courses, which may qualify as an Irish Studies course, but not always. Only when an Irish topic is offered — as given in the examples in square brackets in the list of courses above — will it count for the Irish Studies Minor. For topical courses, be sure to contact the Director of Irish Studies to confirm and update credit(s) towards your Irish Studies Minor.

Any new topical courses that qualify for the Irish Studies Minor will be listed in the “Courses” section of our website.

Please contact the program director, Mary McCain at for advising or any questions concerning the program.

Many of the Irish studies courses also qualify for credit in liberal studies: ENG 382 (domain: arts and literature); HST 266 and HST 268 (domain: understanding the past: Many of the Irish Studies courses also fulfill Liberal Studies Learning Domain requirements. For example: ENG 382 (Domain: Arts and Literature); HST 266 and HST 268 (Domain: Understanding the Past); REL 260 (Domain: Religious Dimensions; Patterns and Problems); GEO 201 (Domain: Self, Society, and the Modern World); GEO 204 (Domain: Religious Dimensions); ENV 206 (Domain: Scientific Inquiry). Please confirm this information by accessing the Liberal Studies website.
The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences offers a Study Abroad Program in Dublin, Ireland, twice each year. It provides an excellent opportunity for students to get to know Ireland at first hand. It is not a compulsory part of the minor in Irish studies. However, students taking part in the study abroad program in Dublin who wish to take the minor in Irish studies may gain credit toward it for two of the Courses they take in Dublin— HST 398: Ireland in the 19th and 20th Centuries; and ENG 398: Irish Literary Tradition—which are cross-listed with HST 268: Ireland, 1800-2000, Nation, Revolution and Constitution and ENG 355: Modern Irish Literature.

DePaul offers other Study Abroad opportunities in Ireland that may also fulfill requirements towards the Irish Studies Minor. Please contact the Director of Irish Studies for more information.

For additional resources, please contact the Director of Irish Studies Mary McCain at​