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Bristol Cave-LaCoste

Bristol C​ave-LaCoste is an alumnus of DePaul's American Studies program who enjoys teaching the classes that once inspired her, including AMS 276: History of Sex in America, Part 2 (Victorians to the Present) and AMS 277: LGBTQ History in the United States. She completed her PhD in History from UC Santa Cruz with a Designated Emphasis in Latin American and Latinx Studies. Her dissertation examines how laws against sex work shaped U.S. immigration policy in the 19th and early 20th century and the ways that women resisted being excluded or deported from the country for their accused sexual indiscretions. Dr. Cave-LaCoste now lives in St. Paul with 2 dogs and 1 human child. When she is not working, she spends a lot of time knitting and sewing most of her clothing and digging for treasure in antique stores. Find out more about Dr. Cave-LaCoste in our AMS newsletter profile from Spring, 2022.