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Mission Statement

The Program in American Studies engages students in critical interdisciplinary inquiry of American Society and cultures.  Trained to apply methods and theories drawn from the humanities and social sciences to a range of sources (digital, historical, literary, material, oral, textual, visual).  American Studies students cultivate skills in critical thinking, clear writing, collaborative feedback, and public speaking.  Courses in American Studies train students to situate their studies within historic contexts, to work within multicultural frameworks, and to reflect on the problems/issues raised in the classroom as they engage in the world outside.  Through core class research projects and the senior capstone, the Program in American Studies prepares its students to be lifelong, independent learners.

Students in History, Communication, Anthropology, Political Science, English and other interdisciplinary programs find it beneficial to double major or minor in American studies. Students who pursue American studies are well prepared for graduate work in the humanities as well as professional training in law or business, and most of our graduates go on to pursue post-graduate degrees.