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Joseph Kinsella

​Joseph Kinsella has worked in international education since 1988. He earned his PhD in anthropology from the University of New Mexico (2005) where he explored the production of material culture within historical and contemporary social structures with a group of sculptors in Zimbabwe. His ongoing work examines the intersection of ethnic identity and art production during the physical decolonization of Africa in the middle of the 20th Century. He is also turning his academic attention to concepts of “social equity" in the emergent cannabis industry in Illinois. Prior to returning to DePaul in 2020, Dr. Kinsella served as the assistant vice president for global engagement at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington (2013-2020) were among his responsibilities he oversaw Gonzaga's 50-year-old campus in Florence.  In addition to his work in Italy, Kinsella has carried out fieldwork in Nicaragua, Zimbabwe and Uganda and operated academic programs in over 35 countries, sending more than 10,000 students and faculty abroad during his career.  He served as visiting assistant professor of anthropology at DePaul (2010-2013), where he also held administrative positions including associate vice president of international programs (2006-2010), director of study abroad (2000-2006), and assistant director of study abroad (1989-1996).​