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Studio Chi

Studio χ, a Center for faculty development, will foster and support research at the interface between humanities and computing. Technologies such as digital mapping, text and data mining, 3-D modelling, and data visualization will provide focus for faculty with common interests to work together to further research initiatives and new pedagogies. The Center will work with all colleges in the university to construct networks of interested faculty, to support and sustain their intellectual work, to provide appropriate technology and facilities, and to enhance teaching with digital methods across the curriculum. In this regard, Studio χ will complement existing core programs and institutes to extend collaborative opportunities in the use of digital methods in answering humanities questions and the application of humanities data in computational research. The Center’s goal is to raise the visibility of the interface between computational and humanities work, deepen institutional commitment to that interface, and strengthen the dialogue between faculty engaged in humanities and computational work.

Studio χ is open to all faculty and staff in the DePaul community from any college or program. Please reach out to us if you have research or teaching which you think is complementary to our mission! We welcome your participation. Also, for upcoming programs and events (open to the public), see our “News and Events” tab. Our inaugural year will begin in January 2017, and we encourage you to check in for updates to our programming. For opportunities to participate in research or teaching workshops related to the Digital Humanities, see our “Opportunities” tab. For Studio χ faculty and staff research projects, see the “Research” tab.

All programs are free and open to the public. Studio χ gratefully acknowledges the support of the University Library, the College of Digital Media, and the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, co-sponsors of our center and mission. Additional support is generously given by the Office of Academic Affairs.