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Computational Support for Reading Chicago Reading

The HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC) has selected a project submitted by three of our Studio advisory board members -- Robin Burke (Professor, CDM School of Computing), John Shanahan (Associate Professor, English, LAS), and Ana Lucic (Digital Scholarship Librarian, Richardson Librarian) -- for an Advanced Collaborative Support Award. This project, called Computational Support for Reading Chicago Reading, is a digital humanities project with an  innovation is to combine data from texts, community demographics, circulation records, and social media that can yield predictions about who might be interested in a given book and why and that can help library staff visualize and anticipate the impact of book choices and event scheduling.

Putting Art History on the Map

Joanna Gardner-Huggett (LAS) has been guiding her current art historical research by focusing on mapping and spatial analysis regarding two Chicago feminist arts collectives that began in 1973: Artemisia, which lasted until 2003, and the still-operating ARC. 

Stories at Work

This set of projects by Lisa Dush (LAS) pairs graduate students in DePaul University’s MA program in Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse with Chicago-area nonprofit organizations, to develop and deploy new media storytelling and digital writing projects together. Lisa has also been working on a database called Stories That Work, which features collections of digital personal experience narratives made by nonprofits and cause initiatives.

Birth of the Young Lords Story Map

Euan Hague (LAS) has been mapping for the Young Lords project, which conveys the ongoing struggle for fair housing, self-determination, and human rights. In the 1960s the Young Lords brought out the question of self-determination for Puerto Rico on a mass, national level with the slogan, "Tengo Puerto Rico en mi corazon." This project is dedicated to documenting the history of the displacement of Puerto Ricans, Mejicanos, other Latinos, and the poor from Lincoln Park, as well as the history ​of the Young Lords nationwide.