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Applied Diplomacy (BA)

DePaul’s bachelor degree in Applied Diplomacy program will provide you with a deep understanding and appreciation for traditional and non-traditional approaches to the field. As part of the recently launched Grace School of Applied Diplomacy, the program will teach you how the work of 21st century diplomacy is informed by the contributions of multiple voices and perspectives through the eyes of both scholars and practitioners.

You’ll gain a foundational understanding of the theory and practice of diplomacy in order to engage real-world challenges posed by social and political factionalization, conflict and competing interpretations of individual responsibility, civic duty and national identity.

We offer 10 concentrations for you to choose from to prepare you for a variety of jobs and careers. Each concentration will provide you with a foundation on which to build your area of specialization.

Citizens from virtually every nation call the city of Chicago home. DePaul’s urban location in this global city will give you the chance to explore, learn and experience the interconnectivity of the world.


Sample Courses:

  • Arms, Security and War
  • Human Right: Promises and Problematics
  • Introduction to International Relations
  • Latin American Politics
  • Religion, Nationalism and Politics
  • The United Nations and World Problems
  • Transcending Coexistence: Truth, Justice and Reconciliation
  • U.S. - Africa Relations

Program Concentrations:

  • Diplomacy and Critical Theory
  • Diplomacy and International Law
  • Diplomacy and International Political Economy
  • Diplomacy and International Relations
  • Diplomacy and Religion
  • Diplomacy and the Arts
  • Diplomacy, Culture and Identity
  • Diplomacy, NGOs and Peacebuilding
  • History of Diplomacy
  • Urban Diplomacy

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