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Faculty Spotlight 

Dr. Lourdes Torres

Professor Lourdes Torres
On October 7th, 2016, Lourdes Torres, PhD, received the DePaul University College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences 2016 Coutelyou-Lowery Award. Professor Torres is the chair of the Department of Latin American and Latino Studies and an advisory board member for the Critical Ethnic Studies Program.
"The Courtelyou-Lowery Award is a lifetime achievement award given annually to an outstanding faculty colleague who has demonstrated a career of excellence in the College and University. Through her research, teaching, and service during her 18 years at DePaul University, Professor Torres has exemplified a spirit of excellence through her intellectual rigor, dedicated teaching, and extensive service to the College and University."

Congratulations Professor Torres! A special thanks for your dedication to the Critical Ethnic Studies Program!

Imprints of Revolution
Dr. Lisa B. Y. Calvente

Professor Lisa B. Y. Calvente's brand new book has been released! Imprints of Revolution: Visual Representations of Resistance, for which Professor Calvente served as co-editor, was published in May 2016. Imprints of Revolution "explores the visual ways in which the concept of revolution is appropriated through public images across the globe using a diverse range of case studies."
Professor Calvente is an assistant professor of Intercultural Communication and Performance Studies. She teaches courses in Media and Cultural Studies, Black Diaspora Studies, Critical Ethnic Studies, Latina/o Studies, Intercultural Communication and Performance Studies. Her primary areas of research are the Black Diaspora, Performance Studies and Cultural Studies. Her interests lie in performance and media ethnography and the ways in which these genres can be used to interrogate discursive formations of racism, classism, and hetero/sexism in order to generate possibilities of belonging and social justice.