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Major Requirements


Economics majors will be invited each term to participate in the Honors Track if they meet the following criteria:

Course Requirements

MAT 150  and MAT 151 may be substituted for MAT 135 & MAT 136.

Degree Requirements

  • Honors Track students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.300 (B+ average) in all economics courses taken at DePaul.  
  • Honors Track students must submit a paper written for any economics class that meets the following criteria:  
​​​ ​​ (a) the student earned a B+ or better on the paper; 
(b) the paper contained a literature review based on at least 5 sources; and 
(c) the paper was at least 10 pages OR used econometrics. 
(d) the paper was sole-authored
This requirement must be satisfied using a paper from a course taken at DePaul. Students should contact the Director of the Undergraduate Economics Program for submission guidelines. 

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