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Degree Requirements

Course Requirements​

48 hours of graduate credit in English

  •  Three core courses:
  • Five courses in Topics, Authors, and Genres in English, one each from these periods:
    • Medieval Literature
    • Renaissance Literature
    • Restoration/Eighteenth-Century British and/or Early American Literature
    • Nineteenth-Century British (Romantic and Victorian) and/or Nineteenth-Century American Literature
    • Twentieth/Twenty-first century British and/or American Literature
  • Four electives drawn from English and American period courses, Language and Rhetoric, Studies in Literature, Studies in Writing, Independent Study (maximum of four hours), Internship (maximum of four hours), or Thesis Research (maximum of four hours; available for students exercising the thesis option).
  • A passing grade on the Capstone Portfolio. In the final quarter of coursework, or soon after completion of all other degree requirements, a student will turn in a Capstone Portfolio to be evaluated by a faculty committee. A Portfolio that does not initially earn a score of "pass" must be revised until it does so.  
  • Instead of submitting a Capstone Portfolio, students may choose the Thesis Option (see below) as a Final Requirement for the MA in English.

Good Standing

To achieve good standing in the program, students must:

  1. complete at least three courses within twelve months of their admission to the program (one of these courses must be ENG 471), and
  2. maintain an overall grade-point average of at least 3.0 in their course work. Students whose cumulative GPA falls below 3.0 will be placed on probation and given two quarters to raise their average to the minimum 3.0 level. Students on probation are required to consult with the program director before registering for classes. Failure to meet these requirements constitutes grounds for dismissal.

Thesis Option

A thesis option is available to students who have a promising idea for a scholarly or creative project. Proposals must earn the approval of an English Department graduate faculty member, who will serve as project director, and of the Program Director. Credit is earned through ENG 501 THESIS RESEARCH. Students who choose to write a thesis need not submit a Capstone Portfolio, but can if they want. Please see the Program Director for more information on this option.

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