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How Long Will I Cry?

Performance of How Long Will I Cry? Published by Big Shoulders Books​

The study and practice of reading and writing are central to a liberal education and critical to success in virtually all professional and personal contexts. The English department at DePaul boasts an innovative and engaging curriculum, a faculty of vibrant and highly accomplished teacher-scholars, friendly and efficient staff, outstanding students, and exciting opportunities for co-curricular involvement.

We invite you to visit us. Come deepen your knowledge and polish your skills as a major, a minor, or a graduate student; attend our readings and other events; and socialize with faculty, staff, students and alumni.

  • Alumni Spotlight

    MAWP Alumna Jessica Chiarella returned to DePaul in early 2016 to speak about her newly published novel, And Again.

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    Learn more about our department publications and the Graduate and Undergraduate blogs.

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  • Eric Houghton

    Student Spotlight

    Graduate student Eric Houghton spoke with fellow DePaul student Matt Adams this fall about his writing journey and finding a home in the MAWP program.

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  • Summer Academy

    Writing & Publishing Summer Academy 2018

    The Writing & Publishing Summer Academy 2018 (June 25-29) at DePaul University provides high school students an exciting and immersive introduction to various forms of writing and publishing.

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    Learn about LAS graduate programs at one of our information sessions.

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