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The English major enrolls more than 425 undergraduates in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, with more than 115 undergraduate majors in the College of Education. These students take courses in literature, language, and writing from more than forty upper-division courses offered each quarter. More than 300 graduate students choose from nearly sixty graduate courses offered each year in the MA in English Literature and Publishing and the MA in Writing and Publishing programs. Other students pursue one of two minors, in Literary Studies or Creative Writing, or meet Liberal Studies requirements by taking courses offered by the faculty in the English Department.

The department's curriculum unites historical and theoretical perspectives in literary study with the practical ability to communicate effectively in writing. It encourages critical and creative thought and develops a student's ability to negotiate perspectives and points of view. As a course of study firmly rooted in the liberal arts and dealing in a fundamental way with the human spirit, these programs in English invite students to examine and build on their personal and civic values.

  • Jessica Chiarella

    Alumni Spotlight

    MAWP Alumna Jessica Chiarella returned to DePaul in early 2016 to speak about her newly published novel, And Again.

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  • Eric Houghton

    Student Spotlight

    Graduate student Eric Houghton spoke with fellow DePaul student Matt Adams this fall about his writing journey and finding a home in the MAWP program.

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