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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Benefits of the Global Asian Studies Minor

A minor in Global Asian Studies complements a student’s major field of study through:

  • Enhancing cultural competence in Asia, particularly in business and social practices
  • Preparing for challenge and ambiguity, especially in inter-cultural and international environments
  • Improving critical thinking and analytical skills, including in professional presentation and writing
  • Strengthening career readiness via hands-on learning, study abroad and international exchange
  • Developing flexibility and adaptability to new places and situations
  • Mentoring and networking opportunities

To declare a minor in Global Asian Studies, visit the website of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Undergraduate Advising Forms pages to fill out the online form.

Q2: What will I learn in Global Asian Studies Courses?

Global Asian Studies courses will provide you with critical tools to examine issues including the ancient and modern sources of Asian economic dynamism, global impact on pop culture as well as within the Asian diaspora and in America. You will learn about the particular histories of Asians and Asian American groups and explore exciting, innovative ways of understanding some of the central issues and trends in the Pacific Century. As a result, you will also be introduced to ways of analyzing the forces that shape our increasingly transnational, globally interconnected world.

Q3: Do I need to be a Global Asian Studies minor to take courses in Global Asian Studies?

No. Global Asian Studies courses are open to anyone who is interested in taking them. Students can take our courses to count towards the minor or as elective courses. You can also take our courses to fulfill required core courses (such as Discover/Explore Chicago, the Focal Point Seminar and the Sophomore Seminar in Multiculturalism), or to fulfill required learning domain credits (such as Arts and Literature, Religious Dimensions, Self Society and the Modern World, and Understanding the Past.)

Q4: Are there any Study Abroad opportunities in Global Asian Studies?

Yes. We have a number of Study Abroad programs in the Summer, December, and throughout the academic year including to China, Japan and Hawaii. Students may also contact the program director to arrange for existing study abroad trips to Asia to count towards the minor.

Q5: Are there any language requirements for the minor?

There are currently no language requirements to obtain a minor in Global Asian Studies. Students are strongly encouraged to study Asian languages. DePaul offers courses at all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) in Chinese and Japanese language.​​