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The Department of History at DePaul University is committed to a broad examination of human history chronologically (from the ancient through the modern period), geographically (Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe), and thematically. Guided by our mission, the Department of History teaches students how to reason from evidence and historical context so that they may better understand contemporary issues and solve problems.

The Department of History:

  • Educates students within the Department and across the University about historical thinking and research. Students of history develop critical thinking and communication skills and are prepared for a wide variety of careers and futures.
  • Connects students to Chicago through course offerings, experiential learning, internships, and research.
  • Mentors students by serving as model teacher-scholars engaged in their profession, as lifelong learners, and as ethical and responsible global citizens.
  • Supports student and faculty activities in the profession and in the production and dissemination of scholarship that advances historical inquiry.
  • Enhances the University’s commitment to a global curriculum by providing the historical context necessary to understand the diverse places and peoples in the United States and around the world.
  • Engages the public to deepen historical understanding and encourage an appreciation for historical thinking.