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​Established in 2005, the LGBTQ studies program offers students the opportunity to complete a minor in the developing interdisciplinary field of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer studies. The program of study examines the history, politics, culture and psychologies of LGBTQ individuals and communities. Courses in LGBTQ studies consider sexual identity within and across many traditional fields of study, from literature to political science, religious studies, nursing, philosophy, and women's and gender studies—to name just a few.

The minor in LGBTQ Studies exposes students to a wide range of courses and disciplines as they explore the experiences of LGBTQ individuals and groups. It emphasizes the development of critical thinking and critical perspectives on sexuality and gender as complex social, cultural, physiological and historical phenomena. Faculty teaching courses in the minor are well recognized within DePaul for their teaching excellence and nationally for their innovative, engaged scholarship.

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