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Suzana Vuljevic

​​​Suzana Vuljevic is an adjunct professor in the department of Modern Languages at DePaul University, a writer, editor and translator. In 2020, she received a Ph.D. in History and Comparative Literature from Columbia University with a dissertation that examines interwar cultural-diplomatic networks that coalesced around pan-Balkanism. Much of her work is interested in the nexus between culture and politics. Her research interests include the intellectual and cultural history of the Balkans, discourses of Europe, and feminism and women’s movements, among others. Her work appears in both academic and popular publications such as Eurozine, Harvard Magazine, Undark, Artforum, Words Without Borders, and more. As a translator, she works from the Albanian and Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin and Serbian (BCMS) to English. Her most recent translations appear in Zenithism (1921–1927): A Yugoslav Avant-Garde Anthology, edited by Steven Teref and Aleksandar Bošković (Academic Studies Press, 2023). Dr. Vuljevic teaches ALB280E: The Politics of Food, History and Identity in the Balkans, a course requirement for the certificate in Albanian and Southeast European Studies. Before coming to DePaul, she taught courses on Russia and the Soviet Union, everyday communism in Eastern Europe, and early modern European history.​