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Linguistics Faculty

​​​​Linguistics Program Committee

Jane Baxter
Associate Professor and Chair, Anthropology

Bradley Hoot
Associate Professor​, Spanish
Director, Linguistics Program​

Sung Park-Johnson 
Assistant Professor, College of Education
Director, Bilingual and ESL Minors​

Jason Schneider
Assistant Professor, Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse
TESOL Certificate Coordinator​

Affiliated Faculty

Assistant Professor, Spanish

Fudan Visiting Professor, Chinese Studies

Associate Professor, Japanese Studies

Associate Professor, School of Computing

Associate Professor, Chinese Studies
Director, Global Asian Studies Program​​

Director of Translation and Interpreter Corps (TIC)

Professor, College of Education
Chair, Department of Leadership, Language, and Curriculum​

Professor, Latin American and Latino Studies

Professor, College of Science and Health
Director, Online Learning CSH​

Associate Professor, College of Communication​
Associate Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs​