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Li Jin

PhD University of South Florida

Courses Regularly Taught by Dr. Li Jin:

  • CHN 104-105-106
  • CHN 252: Introduction to Commercial Chinese
  • CHN 301/401: Advanced Speaking
  • CHN 320/420: Chinese for Business
  • CHN 360/460: Chinese Pop Culture and Social Media
  • CHN 370/470: Chinese Culture through Films
  • CHN 395: Foreign Languages Across Curriculum
  • MOL 247: China and Social Media
  • MOL 249: Modern Chinese Language and Society

Research Interests:
Dr. Li Jin conducts research in the following areas. For updated information on her publications, visit:

  • Technology-enhanced second language teaching and learning;
  • Study abroad, Chinese pragmatics learning, identify (re)configuration;
  • Sociocultural theory and ecology in language education;
  • Language partner collaboration and intercultural learning

Dr. Li Jin teaches Chinese language and culture as well as content-based language courses. Her research interests include second language acquisition, CFL pedagogy, particularly technology-enhanced CFL teaching and learning, and CFL teacher training.​