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Bradley Hoot

Dr. Hoot’s research uses quantitative experimental methods to shed light on questions important to linguistic theory. It is guided by two main interests: (i) the prosody-syntax interface and its relation to discourse context and (ii) the grammars of bilinguals, particularly heritage speakers. These interests have led to work on information structure and the prosody-syntax interface in heritage and monolingual Spanish and in heritage Hungarian, as well as work on code-switching.


  • Ph.D., Hispanic Studies (Linguistics), University of Illinois at Chicago, 2012
  • M.A., Hispanic Studies (Applied Linguistics), University of Illinois at Chicago, 2005
  • B.A., Spanish, University of Florida, 2003


  • Bilingualism
  • Information Structure
  • Code-switching
  • Prosody-syntax interface
  • Linguistic theory
  • Heritage language grammars
  • Spanish in the United States
  • Quantitative/experimental methodology

Courses Taught

  • Spanish Language
  • Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
  • Spanish Phonology and Phonetics
  • The Structure of Spanish
  • Foreign Languages Across the Curriculum (FLAC)

Select Publications

  • Hoot, B. Forthcoming. Narrow presentational focus in Mexican Spanish: Experimental evidence. Probus.
  • González-Vilbazo, K., L. Bartlett, S. Downey, S. Ebert, J. Heil, B. Hoot, B. Koronkiewicz, & S. Ramos. 2013. Methodological considerations in code-switching research. Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics 6(1): 119-138.
  • Hoot, B. 2012. Narrow focus on pre-nominal modifiers in Spanish: An Optimality-Theoretic analysis. In K. Geeslin & M. Díaz-Campos (Eds.), Selected Proceedings of the 14th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium (pp. 293-307). Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Proceedings Project. (Available at:


Dr. Hoot is the coordinator of the Spanish basic language program (SPN 101 – 103) and the chair of the department’s Spanish Linguistics committee.