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Guillemette Johnston


PhD, University of California-Davis


  • French Language and Literature
  • Francophone Studies (Canadian, West Indian, and African)
  • French Enlightenment
  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  • Jungian Studies
  • The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali
  • Literary Theory
  • Psychology, Sociology, and History of Fairy Tales
  • Utopian Studies
  • Peace Studies

Guillemette Johnston’s articles have appeared in Romanic Review, French Forum, Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century, Etudes Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Jung: Culture and Psyche, Pensée Libre and other journals. She has also contributed to the Modern Languages Association volume Approaches to Teaching Rousseau’s Confessions and Reveries, the Dictionary of Literary Biography (Frantz Fanon) and collections from Honoré Champion Editeur. She is the author of Lectures Poètiques: La Représentation poétique du discours théorique chez Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Summa Publications) and co-editor of the volume “Rousseau et Spiritualité” (Etudes Jean-Jacques Rousseau, vol. 10). A member of CNRS (Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique), she has served as the President and Vice-President of the Society for the Philosophical Study of Education and a co-editor of The Journal for the Philosophical Study of Education and the SPSE Roundtable. She teaches French language at all levels, Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century French Literature, French Canadian Literature, Francophone Literature of Africa and the West Indies, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali and The Psychology of Fairy Tales.