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Maggie O'Brien


MA in French, DePaul University (2020)
BA in French, DePaul University (2019)


  • Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Francophone literature
  • Francophone African, Caribbean and Maghreb literature
  • Diaspora literature
  • Autofiction, childhood memoir and identity formation
  • Community and legal translation
  • Creative writing in French
  • Foreign language pedagogy


Maggie O’Brien began teaching at DePaul in the fall of 2020. Maggie earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in French at DePaul, and she is very proud to be the first combined BA/MA graduate in Modern Languages. Her coursework focused on foreign language pedagogy, translation studies and literary analysis. Maggie discovered her passion for teaching when she was a graduate teaching assistant in elementary French courses and a faculty assistant in an upper-level translation course at DePaul.

In 2020, Maggie successfully defended her master’s thesis entitled La mise en page de l’enfant déraciné : l’identité, la mémoire et l’autofiction. This analysis compares narratives of displacement in childhood through works of autofiction by Gaël Faye, Gisèle Pineau and Zahia Rahmani, specifically the role of mothers and maternal figures and their influence on the narrator’s identity formation and sense of belonging.

In her free time, Maggie volunteers as a translator to provide community and legal translation services in response to the linguistic needs of immigrant, refugee and asylum-seeking communities. As a DePaul student, she was a project manager and translator for the Translator & Interpreter Corps (TIC). She also served on the executive board of the Language Access Coalition (LAC). In these roles, Maggie learned how to utilize her translation skills to aid communities and promote linguistic justice. She has additional experience in legal translation after working at an intellectual property law firm in Paris.

Maggie enjoys creative writing and has published original work and poetry translations in DePaul’s French literary magazine, Mille Feuille.