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Anna Souchuk


Ph.D. - Yale University: 2008
M.Phil. - Yale University: 2006
M.A. - Yale University: 2005
B.A. - University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign: 2002

Teaching and Research Interests

Dr. Anna Souchuk is both Associate Professor of German and German Program Director in DePaul's Department of Modern Languages.  She received her Ph.D. in Germanic Languages and Literatures from Yale University in 2008, with a dissertation on constructions of place in the novels of Elfriede Jelinek, Josef Haslinger, and Robert Menasse.  Since then, her research has concentrated largely on the collected works of Josef Haslinger and his depictions of families in relation to Austrian Vergangenheitsbewaeltigung (coming to terms with the past), though Dr. Souchuk has also written on other Austrian writers and artists, such as Linda Stift and the filmmaker Markus Schleinzer.  Her research has been presented widely in panels on Kinship, Family, and Memory at the yearly Conferences of the German Studies Association and Austrian Studies Association (the leading conferences in the fields of German and Austrian Studies in the U.S.), along with the annual Convention of the Modern Language Association.   She is currently co-editing a book project on the family novel in German(ic) literature, which draws on her own interests in the generational transmission of the family story as an emblem of problematic Austrian Vergangenheitsbewaeltigung, while exploring the recent increase in popularity of so-called Familienromane (family novels) in German-language literature.

Courses Taught
  • German Film
  • Turn of the Century Vienna
  • Berlin and the Golden Twenties
  • Kakfa and the Kafkaesque
  • Coming of Age in Germany and Austria
  • Contemporary Bestsellers from Germany and Austria
  • Memoirs of the Holocaust
  • Business German
  • The German Novella
  • Current Events in the German-Speaking World
  • German Literature: From Origins to 1600
  • Honors 205: Bertolt Brecht on the Stage of the Twentieth Century
  • Explore: German-American Chicago
  • Grimm's Fairy Tales
  • HON 205: Coffeehouse and Culture in Vienna 1900​​

Other Research Interests:
  • coffeehouse culture
  • the German-language Familienroman
  • the notion of "place" and place-identity
  • the urban landscape in 20th-century Germany and Austria
  • fin-de-sicle Vienna 


  • Director, German Program
  • Director, German Studies Minor
  • Organizer and Co-Director of Vienna Study Abroad Program (December Intersession)
  • Faculty Advisor, German Club
  • Student Liaison, Academic Integrity Committee