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Eugene Sampson


BA, DePaul University, 1997
MFA, University of Iowa, 2006

Interests and Teaching

Eugene Sampson's poems, reviews, and translations from the German have appeared in print and online.  Prior to coming to DePaul, Eugene spent three years programing readings, talks, films, concerts, and symposia for the Chicago branch of the Goethe-Institut, the Federal Republic of Germany's official cultural representative around the world.  After arriving at DePaul as an instructor in 2011, he increasingly turned his attention to teaching, in terms of what as well as how he teaches, overhauling existing courses, creating new ones, and expanding his course offerings into the Liberal Studies domains and First-Year Program. After nominations in 2014 and 2015, Eugene received an Excellence in Teaching Award for Contingent Faculty from the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences in 2016.

Courses Taught

  • Basic German I, II, & III\
  • Intermediate German I, II, & III
  • Advanced Communication I, II, & III
  • German Poetry
  • Translation
  • Advanced Commercial Communication
  • Special Topics in German:  Modes of Creative Writing
  • Special Topics in German:  Translation Workshop
  • Special Topics in German:  Composition & Style
  • Special Topics in German:  German for Reading Knowledge
  • Discover Chicago: German Chicago