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Kirk Shellko


  • MA, PhD, Loyola University Chicago (Classical Studies)
  • MA, John Carroll University (Philosophy)


  • Fourth-century tragedy
  • Comedy and tragedy in Plato
  • Aristotle's Metaphysics and ancient philosophy

Dr. Shellko employs a semi-Socratic manner in his teaching, asking students to discuss with him the current assignment in translation courses. Somehow their input frequently produces questions that find themselves on exams. He assists students in celebrating an ancient world replete with folly and ignorance, but just as abounding in meaning and edifying history, science and philosophy. There is much to take from an ancient world that isn't merely outdated perspectives and broken theories. In his Ancient Science and Its Language class (MOL 215) or his Classical Tragedy class (MOL 212), or even Ancient Greek and Roman Epics class (MOL 211) he tries to show that if one doesn't know anything about where they've been, they have no idea where they're going. In his language classes (Ancient Greek and Latin), Dr. Shellko places his lectures online so that students have the opportunity to listen as often as needed. Students translate and discuss the ancient languages in class. Students may ask to translate a particular passage or author that interests them, no matter their level of expertise. You choose the author and he’ll be glad to find an appropriate passage. 


Dr. Shellko is currently researching science in the ancient world. He is also writing a book on the overview of scientific progress. He has published two books of fiction under the pseudonym Lucian Whyte: Antinomy and Reign of Eros. He completed a third book of fiction during the summer, Pedai (bonds). Dr. Shellko teaches introductory and upper-level ancient Greek and Latin courses. He also teaches Mythology, Classical Tragedy and Heroes and Epics classes.


  • "Apollonian and Dionysian Imagery in Virgil"s Aeneid" delivered as guest at The Summer Aeneid Reading Project, affiliated with Barrington High School and the Barrington Area Public Library, 15 July 2007
  • "Comic Ethics: Strepsiades and the Comic Bane and Socrates the Comic Antidote," Classical Association of the Midwest and South, 6 April 2006
  • "The Intuitive Appeal of Myth," Classical Association of the Middle West and South, 31 March 2005
  • "Partisan Inspiration: Literary Psychology and War Tactics in Caesar’s De Bello Civile," Classical Association of the Midwest and South - Southern Section, 5 November 2004
  • "Plato's Symposium and a Metaphysic of Seduction," Classical Association of the Middle West and South, 15 April 2004
  • "Caesar's Engagement of his Readers," Illinois Classical Conference, 11 October 2003