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Caterina Mongiat-Farina

Caterina Mongiat Farina (laurea in lettere, Università di Padova, PhD in Romance Languages and Literatures, Harvard University) is Associate Professor and Italian Program Director at DePaul University, Chicago. Her research focuses on issues of language, rhetoric, and identity in Italian literature, particularly during the long sixteenth century and from the Postwar period to the present. She is the author of Questione di lingua. L’ideologia del dibattito sull’italiano nel Cinquecento (Longo editore, 2014); with Geoff Farina, the translator of Umberto Eco’s classic manual How to Write a Thesis (MIT Press, 2015); and with Paola De Santo, the editor and translator of Isabella Andreini’s Letters (1607) for “The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe Series” (Iter Press, 2023). Her articles​ on premodern literature, from Rustico di Filippo to Galileo, and twentieth-century coming-of-age fiction appeared in journals such as Rinascimento, Forum Italicum, Italica, Esperienze letterarie, Strumenti critici, Critica letteraria, and Studi novecenteschi. Her current research centers on coming-of-age tropes in Italo Calvino’s fiction.​

Courses recently taught:

  • ​HON 205 Style Matters: Italian Fashion through Literature (in English)
  • HON 350 The History, Culture and Politics of Food: Italy and Beyond (in English)
  • ITA 101 Basic Italian I
  • ITA 104 Intermediate Italian I
  • ITA 203 Advanced Communication III
  • ITA 351/451 History of the Italian Language
  • ITA 352/452 Italian Language in the Society of Communication
  • ITA 317/417 Italian Women Writers
  • ITA 309/409 The Italian Novel
  • ITA 312/412 Italian Drama
  • ITA 302/402 Masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance
  • ITA 395/495 Foreign Languages Across the Curriculum
  • ITA 397 Calvino Translation Workshop
  • LSP 112 Machiavelli: His Words and His World (in English)​

Research interests:​​

  • ​Early modern Italian literature
  • History of the Italian language and the sixteenth century questione della lingua
  • Contemporary coming-of-age novel
  • Language and ideology, identity, and gender
  • Rhetoric
  • Translation​