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Alessandra Sweany


MA in Classics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
BA in Classical Languages, Fordham University
Teaching license in K-12 Latin: National Louis University


Ms. Vaccaro began studying Latin during her Freshman year of high school.  Initially intimidated by the challenge of learning a classical language (she tried to switch languages three times but was thwarted by her wise mother and her teacher), by the end of her first year she was surprised to realize that Latin had become her favorite class. In college, she majored in classical languages because it enabled her to study all her favorite disciplines: literature, philosophy, theology, history and of course Latin.
While Ms. Vaccaro’s enthusiasm for the Latin language and Roman culture is both intense and infectious, she understands that most students are drawn to study Latin in the pursuit of other interests. Ms. Vaccaro has taught Latin for students at all levels from middle school through college.  The common drive in all her teaching is the satisfaction of being able to use her passion for Latin to help her students discover and pursue their own unique passions.   
Eager to constantly improve as a teacher, Ms. Vaccaro’s primary research interest is classical language pedagogy. Her other research interests include the use of literary and rhetorical devices in Latin and Greek epic poetry, ancient oratory, and the history of the late Republic and early Empire.