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Spanish Translation (Minor)

Course Requirements

  • 4 credits of an advanced language level course (SPN 201 or SPN 202 / SPN 205 or SPN 206 for Heritage Language Learners).
  • 8 credits of required courses (SPN 243 and SPN 325) to further develop proficiency in the language and methods of translation from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish.
  • 12 credits of advanced elective coursework in related classes.

Spanish Translation Minor Approved Electives

The Spanish program offers a total of nine courses in areas related to business, health, law, literature, media, and community engagement from which students in the Translation Minor could select their electives:

Depending on their level of prior expertise with Spanish, students may need to complete courses at the Basic and Intermediate levels before enrolling in 200- or 300-level language courses. 

Students majoring in Spanish (BA) or minoring in Spanish, Spanish Linguistics, or Commercial Spanish are restricted from earning this minor. 

Translation Software

In our translation courses, students work with Google Translator Toolkit, Memsource, and SDL Trados Studio as learning computer-assisted tools in their translation practice.   

Google Translator Toolkit is web-based, computer-aided translation (CAT) software that is provided free by Google. It allows translators to revise machine translation performed by Google translate, store translated documents in an online account, and collaboratively translate documents.

Memsource. We are using Memsource in our translation courses free of charge. Memsource Cloud is a complete translation platform that includes translation memory, integrated machine and human translation, terminology management, and a both online and desktop CAT tool. 

SDL Trados Studio is a computer translation software that offers highly sophisticated features to help translators complete projects quickly and easily. Translation memory (TM) is at the heart of SDL Trados Studio and works by recycling previously translated content and completing translations projects more quickly while maintaining high quality.

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