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Undergraduate Programs

​​The Department of Modern Languages offers the following undergraduate majors:

Major programs consist of advanced courses at the 200- and 300-levels. Students may begin their Modern Language major upon completion of elementary and intermediate courses or successful placement testing.

In addition, minor programs are available in all languages, including:

Interested in a Language Proficiency certificate?

The Department of Modern Languages additionally offers the following Undergraduate certificates:

Modern Language Option (MLO)

The Modern Language Option is available to all BA students who wish to study a modern language beyond the level required by their College, and to all other undergraduate students without a modern language requirement who wish to study a language at any level.

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Study Abroad Programs

All students are strongly encouraged to participate in DePaul's Study Abroad Programs in China, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Poland and other locations. Consult the Study Abroad Office for current offerings.

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