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Refugee & Forced Migration Studies

Refugee & Forced Migration Studies
Refugee & Forced Migration Studies

DePaul University’s Refugee and Forced Migration Studies graduate program is the first of its kind in the United States. We provide a mix of academic and practical training designed to prepare you for careers in refugee resettlement and asylum, and legal and NGO work, and academia.

Our program is broadly interdisciplinary. Students take classes in law, history, public service and international studies. It is also very hands on: we have two sets of practicums built in, through which students participate in internships working directly with refugees and refugee-serving organizations.

We want to draw students from different backgrounds and experiences: those who have experience working with displaced peoples to those who want training before working in the field. We seek students with diverse academic backgrounds including psychology, political science, social work, history, and sociology.

Check out our offerings and if you have any questions, please contact the Program Director, Dr. Kathleen R. Arnold.

Conference Videos

Conference on the Challenges and Advantages of Syrian Refugee Inflows:

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Research Libraries

Find libraries across the world serving and supporting research of forced migrants.

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