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Refugee and forced migration study is a complex field. It requires interdisciplinary perspectives and approaches. These range from international relations to history and from law to program evaluation. This program offers students the essential competencies and frameworks to deal with refugee and forced displacement issues at the local, national and international levels. DePaul University is uniquely positioned to provide curricular rigor thanks to an outstanding faculty.
Dr. Rajit Mazumder
Dr. Rajit Mazumder at our Program Orientation
Our program is exceptional in that our students take courses across a number of colleges, giving them a broad based education and skills that are relevant and easily transferable. Moreover, Chicago offers excellent opportunities for practical exposure because it is home to one of the largest cohort of organizations working in relevant areas.

  • Clement Adibe

    • Associate Professor,​Political Science
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  • Siobhan Albiol

    • Clinical Instructor, Director, Asylum and Immigration Law Clinic, College of Law
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  • Nezih Altay

  • Chris Einolf

  • Nandhini Gulasingham

  • Rajit Mazumder

  • John Mazzeo

    • Associate Professor, Anthropology, Director Master of Public Health
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  • Tom Mockaitis

  • Ramya Ramnath

    • Assistant Professor and Chair of International Public Service​
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  • Howard Rosing

    • Executive Director, Steans Center for Community-based Service Learning and Community Service Studies​
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  • Shailja Sharma

  • Alison Tirres

    • Associate Dean, Academic Affairs; Associate Professor 
      College of Law
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  • Elizabeth Ward

    • Executive Director, International Human Rights Law Institute 
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