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Religious Studies

The Department of Religious Studies offers students the opportunity to engage in the academic study of religion. Drawing on a host of academic disciplines, religious studies challenges students to encounter the traditions of the world in all their rich diversity. Religion has become central to contemporary culture, politics, identity, and conflict in every part of the globe, and students may find that the study of religions can help them respond to these challenges.

Religious Studies majors can finds jobs in any industry

A Legal Career: A lawyer specializing in human rights, cultural and religious rights, immigration, anti-discrimination, etc.

A career in conflict resolution in the USA and abroad: with your knowledge of the world's religions and cultures, you could lend your expertise to many different organizations form the United Nations High Commission for Refugees to the United States governement to social movement organizations like the Interfiath Youth Core.

A career in government: If you have wanted to join the foreign service, run for political office or work in social services, then understanding various religious traditions and cultures will be important in decision making!


Recent Religious Studies alumni have gone on to a variety of studies and careers. One of our alumni writes for the Huffington Post. Others have gone on to graduate studies in theology, justice ministry and law.