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Thomas O'Brien

Tom O'Brien is a social ethicist by training, and more narrowly, a student of Catholic social theory and public theology. He has also recently done some work in business and professional ethics, ecological ethics, as well as GLBTQ issues. O'Brien has published two books in the area of business ethics. The first was an edited volume called, Religious Perspectives on Business Ethics: An Anthology (Rowman & Littlefield, 2006). In 2014, he published Good Business: Catholic Social Teaching at Work in the Marketplace (Anselm Academic, 2014), which applies Catholic social thought to common ethical issues that arise in business and the larger economy. O’Brien is increasingly linking his studies of social ethics to issues of environmental destruction and ecological breakdown. He is also the Managing Editor of a peer-reviewed academic journal titled, The Journal of Religion and Business Ethics. In addition, O'Brien serves as the Director of the Center for Religion, Culture and Community , which hosts multiple events, forums and celebrations of diverse religious cultures that reflect the multiple traditions that define the DePaul community.

Research Interests
- Catholic Social Thought
- Critical Social Theory
- Environmental Ethics
- Ultimate Evil
- Homelessness

Courses Frequently Taught
- CTH 183/ REL 183 "Themes in Catholic Social Thought"
- CTH 247/ REL 283 "Roman Catholic Social Thought in Context"
- MGT 228/ REL 228 "Business, Ethics and Society"
- REL 226 "Technology, Ethics and Society"

Other Positions
Director of the Center for Religion, Culture and Community