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Yuki Miyamoto

Yuki Miyamoto is an ethicist whose work centers on nuclear discourse and environmental ethics, through the framework of comparative ethics. Her monograph Beyond the Mushroom Cloud: Commemoration, Religion, and Responsibility after Hiroshima (Fordham University Press, 2011) examines the ways in which survivors of the atomic bombings of 1945 came to terms with the nuclear attacks within their religious understandings—Hiroshima with True Pure Land Buddhism; Nagasaki with Roman Catholicism—while critiquing the framework imposed by nation-states. She continues to work on nuclear discourse, marshaling the key concepts of commemoration, representation, and dark tourism in articles such as “In the Light of Hiroshima” in the edited volume, Reimagining Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Routledge, 2017), and “Gendered Bodies in Tokusatsu” in The Journal of Popular Culture (2016). She is also studying a case of environmental disaster in the form of methyl mercury poisoning in Japan, for example in the article “Before Good and Evil” in Spirituality in the 21st Century 3: Theory, Praxis and Pedagogyi (2014), against the backdrop of the still unfolding disaster at the Fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant. This study forms the basis of her current book project, tentatively entitled Otherwise than This World: Ethics and Praxis out of Environmental Disaster in Minamata. 

Research Interests
- Comparative Ethics
- Nuclear Ethics
- Japan
- Environmental Ethics

Courses Frequently Taught
 REL 202  Atom Bomb Discourse
 HON 104  Religious Worldviews and Ethical Perspectives
 HON 350  Honors Senior Seminar: The Atomic Age
 LSP 112  Focal Point Seminar: Re/Presentation of Japan